Amiga 2000 ZZ9000

Join me on an exciting journey as I attempt to upgrade my Amiga 2000 with the stunning ZZ 9000 card. My goal was to enhance its capabilities, but as with any project, things didn’t go entirely as planned.

The ZZ 9000 card promised to bring modern features to my classic Amiga, including RTG graphics, Ethernet networking, and USB drive mounting. However, I quickly ran into a snag—the card didn’t fit properly in my system, and initially, it didn’t work at all.

After troubleshooting, I managed to get the ZZ 9000 up and running. But the fitting issue persisted, requiring me to strip down the entire case to address it properly. Along the way, I also fixed some other issues, like securing the crystal on my accelerator card.

Once the card was functioning, I decided to add more RAM. This process didn’t go smoothly at first, as I encountered what I thought where compatibility issues with the RAM chips. However, after some trial and error, I managed to get the RAM upgraded successfully.

With the ZZ 9000 installed and RAM upgraded, I tested the system’s capabilities, marveling at the flicker-fixing abilities and crisp graphics. I also took the opportunity to clean my keyboard, bringing it back to life.

Despite the challenges, I’m thrilled with the upgrades to my Amiga 2000. But the journey doesn’t end here—there’s still more to explore with the ZZ 9000’s networking and USB capabilities, which I plan to delve into in future videos.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects in 2024, including Zip drives on an Amiga 500 and 600, gaming content, and restoration projects.

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