Unboxing A Surprise Parcel and More!

As I dive into some exciting unboxing. With Christmas around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the goodies I’ve received in the mail. Some of these items are purchases I’ve made, while others are surprises from generous folks out there. Let’s see what we’ve got!

First up, we have some ICs for the Commodore Amiga RS232. These will come in handy for fixing the serial on a couple of boards I’ll be featuring in upcoming videos. Then, there’s an IDE port for the Amiga 1200 or 600, teasing some content on the horizon.

Next, we dive into a mystery package containing an Amiga 500 keyboard, CIA, and Agnus chips. Alongside, there are 44-pin disk-on-modules, a great find for Amiga installations. And there’s an Archimedes A4000/A5000 PS2 keyboard adapter, perfect for testing some machines in the pipeline.

But the highlight of today’s unboxing is a massive parcel from Casual Retro Gamer. Inside, I find an Iomega SCSI Zip Drive, an Amiga 600 keyboard, and various other surprises. It’s like Christmas came early!

As I delve deeper, I uncover an 8-bit modem with a speaker, bringing back memories of my late teens tinkering with similar tech. There’s also a motherboard, possibly a 286, complete with a mysterious RAM expansion card that leaves me puzzled.

Despite some battery damage, the tech inside seems salvageable. With careful examination and a bit of tinkering, I’m excited to see what I can resurrect from these vintage pieces.

I’m grateful for the generosity of Casual Retro Gamer and the thrill of uncovering retro treasures.

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