"IOAMIGA" Amiga to Iomega ZIP 100 - Assembled

Amiga Drivers Floppy Disk
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Brand: HBR

9pin Joystick extension Cable not included...

Based on PPAZIP By Bruce Abbott, originally developed in 1998, this is a buffered version of the interface that works a bit better with 30 year old hardware. This interface is designed for use with Amiga 500, 600 & 1200, without interfering with other connectors on the rear of the Amiga the D-Sub 9 to the joystick is mounted on the underside to avoid the cables stopping other ports being used and to ack as a riser when sitting flat on a desk this supports the interface at the right height (almost).

This project consists of both hardware and software - a small interface that connects to the Amiga's parallel and joystick ports, and a driver file which causes the ZIP drive to operate like a standard SCSI device.

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"IOAMIGA" Amiga to Iomega ZIP 100 - Assembled
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